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Together,we can save lives
and make a safer future possible


Who We Are


We are the Oregon Alliance — survivors of gun-related tragedies, firearm owners, rural and urban residents, veterans, healthcare providers, researchers, community leaders and local community members — working in a collective effort to create safer communities for everyone.

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Together, We Are Saving Lives And Strengthening Communities


The values we share are stronger than those that divide us.

Take Action


Take Action Now

Your voice matters. Tell our leaders we need to fund community violence prevention. Efforts led by local community based organizations are..

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Share Your Stories

Gun related tragedies affect us all. Share your story, and let us know why safer communities matter to you.


Tell Us Your Solutions

Working together, we can prevent gun related tragedies while respecting Oregon's firearm owners. Tell us your solutions.


“Two weeks before Christmas, my mom Cindy went to the mall to buy gifts for our family, and she never came home. While she was carrying her bags around Clackamas Town Center, a gunman opened fire with a stolen gun, and he killed her.

My mom was a hospice nurse who always took care of others, and she was the best mom. It’s been nine years since that awful Tuesday when we got the call that my mom was killed, and I still think about her every day. I just had my first baby, and during my pregnancy, I wished I could’ve called my mom to ask her advice. I’m sad for my daughter that she’ll never get to meet her grandma—because my mom would’ve been the world’s best grandma.

What hurts most is that her death was entirely preventable. Increasing gun safety so that this doesn’t happen to other families will mean my mom didn’t die for nothing.”

– Jenna Yuille

Safer Communities Are Possible

We can prevent gun related tragedies. But it will take all of us. Learn how we are making a difference across Oregon.


Join our team and help end
gun violence in Oregon.

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