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Keeping Guns Out of Dangerous Hands

Over the past two decades, the U.S. has allowed irresponsible gun laws that nearly all Americans are against. The gun lobby - which is incredibly powerful - has benefited from this, spreading incorrect and fear based messaging. 


In reality, most Oregonians - across all sides of the political aisle - agree with the basics: respecting the right to own a firearm means ensuring responsible firearm ownership and sales.

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Ensuring background checks on all gun sales. 

Today in Oregon, if someone’s background check has not gone through in 3 days, they are allowed to purchase and take home a firearm. Nearly ¼ of all firearms today are sold without a background. This is irresponsible - nearly all Oregonians agree every firearm purchase should have a background check. 


Preventing “straw” gun sales

The vast majority of firearm dealers are responsible. Yet, research has found a small number of gun shops allow irresponsible sales, including knowingly selling a gun as a “straw purchase” for someone who would not be able to pass a background check. Permitting  - a process that requires a full application with fingerprints, training, and a meeting with law enforcement - has been found to reduce straw gun sales by up to 70%, significantly reducing the number of guns in circulation and used in crimes.


Preventing guns from being stolen

One of the best things firearm owners can do to protect themselves and their communities is securely store their firearms in a safe, which significantly reduces the chances of a firearm being stolen from your house or vehicle.


Domestic violence, and intimate partner violence, significantly increased during COVID and rates remain higher than pre-COVID. In 2023, Oregonians were killed by intimate partners using firearms, several in murder-suicides. We are devastated by these lost lives, tragedies that devastate families and communities and could have been prevented.


Today in Oregon, we have several types of protection orders that can help keep firearms away from those perpetuating abuse. However, more needs to be done to ensure these orders are effective.


Oregon today has an Extreme Risk Protection Order law that allows family members or law enforcement to petition to have firearms temporarily removed if someone has been found to be an immediate danger to themselves or others. 


However, today, there is no process to verify that firearms have been removed. Join the Alliance to support our efforts to call on lawmakers to require enforcement of firearm removal.


Today, only law enforcement or family members are allowed to petition for several different types of protection orders, including ERPOs. Former partners are often at risk. Join our advocacy efforts to call on lawmakers to make sure anyone experiencing violence can receive protection from the courts.

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