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Who We Are

Gun-related tragedies are preventable, but only if we all work together to stop them.


The Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety connects people from across the state — including survivors of gun-related tragedies, gun owners, rural and urban residents, veterans, public health experts, law enforcement officers, and local community members — in a collective effort to create safer communities for everyone.


In a state where firearms are in about 50% of households and an important part of many families’ lives, we believe it’s possible to respect firearm ownership while also improving community health and safety for the long term.


That means learning from people across Oregon to understand how gun-related homicides, suicides, injuries, and unintentional shootings affect their lives so we can find ways to stop these events before they happen. It means listening to firearm owners who take the responsibility of ownership seriously and can encourage others to do the same. It means working with Black and brown community leaders to prevent violence before it occurs, and prioritizes community safety and healing. 


Together, we can help make progress toward solutions and policies that will prevent not only gun-related tragedies, but also the fear, pain, and ongoing stress they can cause in our communities.

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