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Veteran Family
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Supporting Our Veterans

If you are a vet or service member who is having a hard time, know that you are not alone. 

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Here are resources you can contact today:


If you want to talk to someone right now, you can call or text 988. Find more information from Lines for Life and the Veteran Crisis Line.

You can also reach out online through this confidential form. You’ll receive a response in 24 hours.


In Oregon, our veteran and service member suicide rate is particularly devasting. Our National Guard suicide rates are nearly double national average firearm suicide rates. These are people who have served our country and state with honor - and we need to do better by our service members, whether they are active duty, reserve or veterans. 

  • Increasing Access to Physical and Mental healthcare

    • Many veterans and service members today do not have access to healthcare. Some don’t qualify for the VA. Others are part-time guard members who don’t have care when they are in Reserve status. All Veterans deserve access to healthcare. The State of Oregon should prioritize healthcare access for all veterans.

    • Improving access to the VA. The VA provides important care for many veterans, yet many vets don’t use their services. 

  • Consistent Suicide prevention screen and safety planning, including a safety plan for firearm storage

    • All healthcare providers in Oregon, both VA and other, should receive training in suicide prevention screening and training in counseling those with suicidal risks in safety planning

    • Healthcare providers play an important role in helping military members create safety plans for themselves and their families. Providers, at the VA and in rural and frontier communities, should receive consistent training on how to talk to service members about firearm safety planning.

  • Improving Community Connections

    • Isolation is one of the biggest contributors to mental health challenges for vets. Programs that connect vets and military members to one another and to their communities are making a big difference. These types of programs should be expanded and sustained.

  • Increased Coordination 

    • Many nonprofits in Oregon are doing important work to support our military members, yet there are significant gaps in coordination and funding for these organizations. 

    • The Governor’s Challenge provides an opportunity to fill these gaps and improve coordination - we implore the Governor to fully staff this work.

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